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About Bellavizio

Bellavizio produces small quantities of exquisite, award-winning wines. Founded by acclaimed actress Bernice Liu, Bellavizio has been featured in such prestigious publications as Le Figaro and WineLuxe Magazine. With the help and mentorship of Eric Boissenot, renowned wine consultant to four First Growths of Bordeaux, Bellavizio wines has collected numerous awards and medals from such institutions as the International Women's Wine Competition, the Decanter World Wine Awards, and the Grand Harvest Awards.



In Bernice Liu’s own words: Life, like wine, is subjective. The same wine experienced and tasted by different people can be interpreted very differently. But no matter what we find, in the end, we always find ourselves.


The Bellavizio Bordeaux Label

The Bordeaux label is a collage of me and my loves. Incorporating French-Canadian war coins, butterflies, and the name in itself, Bellavizio is something I hope to share with those who enjoy life and wine...


Press & Award


Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2010

  • Decanter Asia Wine Award 2013 - Bronze

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2013 - Silver

  • Grand Harvest Awards 2012 - Silver


Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2011

  • Grand Harvest Awards 2015 - Gold


Bellavizio Bordeaux Blanc 2012

  • Decanter World Wine Award 2015 - Silver

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2015 - Bronze


Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2010

  • Decanter Asia Wine Award 2012 - Bronze

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2012 - Gold


Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2011

  • Decanter World Wine Award 2014 - Bronze

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2014 - Silver

  • Grand Harvest Awards 2015 - Best of Class


Bellavizio Bordeaux Rouge 2012

  • Decanter World Wine Award 2015 - Silver

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2015 - Silver


Bellavizio Sonoma Chardoanny

  • International Women's Wine Competition 2013 - Silver


Bellavizio Napa Valley Merlot

  • Decanter World Wine Award 2013 - Commended



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