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About JAQK Cellars

JAQK Cellars is the creation of three people—Craig MacLean, Katie Jain, and Joel Templin—and an idea: do what you love.

When you follow your passion, you pour yourself into it wholeheartedly. Work ceases being work. It becomes something you enjoy, something that feels more like, well, play.

For Craig, there’s nothing he’d rather be doing than walking through vineyards, crumbling clumps of soil in his hands, smelling the air, understanding a particular harvest, and coaxing from it a nectar that’s wonderfully delicious. Katie and Joel share with Craig a passion for wine, but their first love is the world of graphic design. They were drawn to it at an early age and have immersed themselves in it ever since. At their firm, Hatch Design, they craft brand identities, packaging, and communications that not only further their clients’ goals, but make the world a little more beautiful a place for all of us.

And so JAQK Cellars was born. Not so much a business as a blank canvas. Not so much an enterprise for three colleagues as a way for three creative souls to indulge their passions. A way for them to slave away doing what they love till their hearts’ content.

The winners in pursuit of this work-free ideal are not just Craig, Katie, and Joel, but the wines themselves. They are crafted much more carefully than if they were the products of an anonymous assembly of people punching a clock. Each varietal has been lovingly coddled, cajoled, and doted upon every step of the way. Each bottle design caringly crafted so that it brings pleasure even before the first sip is taken.

We hope you like the idea behind JAQK Cellars and decide to bring some of our delicious wines into your life. And, of course, share them with your family and friends. We also hope you tap into the spirit of JAQK Cellars and follow your own passion. Because when you find it, we all benefit. And playtime never ends.


JAQK Concept

We are a new wine company. We’re also a new type of wine company. In addition to being dedicated to making incredible wine, we’re also passionate about something else: play.

For us, play includes the excitement of testing our skills—and tempting fate—at games of chance. It also includes getting together with friends and enjoying each other’s company. And a bottle (or two) of great wine can be quite helpful in that regard.

So, go ahead. Invite a few friends over, uncork a bottle of wine, and play a little.

Enjoy. And good luck.


Founder / Winemarker: Craig MacLean

From early on, Craig has felt a connection with nature.

So it was not surprising that when entering the world as a young man he decided to learn more about it. He started out earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Plant Science, and followed that up with a Master’s Degree in Enology, both from the University of California at Davis.

Next came his hands-on education, in the form of two apprenticeships. First as a Harvest Intern under Cathy Corison and Mia Klein at Chappellet Vineyard, and then three years as Assistant Winemaker under Bob Foley at Markham Vineyards.

He then became a full-fledged Winemaker and authored his first wine (93 points, Wine Spectator) at Cain Vineyard and Winery. Since then his wines have received great acclaim. As Winemaker for Spring Mountain Vineyard he created two vintages. One earning a ranking of Number 17 in The World.

Next, Craig teamed up with Rawson Kelham to create Kelham-Maclean Wines, where two of his wines were designated a Wine Enthusiast Editor’s Choice. Subsequently, Craig has served as independent winemaker for a host of Vineyards, including Ahnfeldt, Vito, Bialla, Brookdale, Dos Lagos, Ilsey, Juslyn, and Schrader.

Craig is currently the winemaker for his own brand, MacLean Wines, and his newest venture, JAQK Cellars.


Founder: Katie Jain & Joel Templin

Katie and Joel have been friends and graphic design colleagues for over six years. Amassing an impressive trophy case full of awards both individually and as a team. They’ve applied their talents to a wide variety of clients: Apple, Charles Chocolates, Coca-Cola, Hilton, MTV, Starbucks, Target, Williams Sonoma, and many more.

In the Spring of 2007, they founded a new firm, Hatch Design. In the short time since then, they’ve continued to attract great clients and gain more critical acclaim for their design and branding work.

But this new entity, Hatch, was born to enable them to do more than help clients build brands; it was designed to allow them to create and grow their own brands, as well. JAQK Cellars is the first idea to crack out of the egg. And it couldn’t be a more beloved first hatchling.

Katie and Joel have long shared a true appreciation and passion for fine wine. They have worked on a many wine brands over the years. Their favorite, MacLean Wines, introduced them to the well-respected winemaker and soon-to-be good friend and co-Founder of JAQK Cellars, Craig MacLean.


Press & Award

  • SFMOMA Acquires JAQK CellarsThursday, December 9th, 2010We are incredibly honored that all eight wines from JAQK Cellars have been acquired by and are featured in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s current exhibit How Wine Became Modern. This exhibit is the first of its kind, looking at the world of wine and the role that architecture, design and media have played in its stunning transformation over the past three decades. The exhibit features historical artifacts, architectural models, multimedia installations, newly commissioned artworks, and even a “smell wall” to provide a richly textured experience that you won’t want to miss!The exhibit runs from November 20, 2010 to April 17, 2011. While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Museum Storeto see a collection of wine-related products created by Joel & Katie’s firm, Hatch Design, especially for the event.

  • ‘High Roller’ Stands Out at Acme’s Atelier Wine TastingSunday, May 17th, 2009Last Saturday, our very own winemaker, Craig MacLean was included in Acme Fine Wine’s 1st Annual Atelier, a tasting gallery of twelve of Napa’s top artisan winemakers.  The sold-out event gave patrons and press a rare opportunity to meet the winemakers and taste 50 of the most treasured wines from Napa Valley.Jon Bonne, from the SF Chronicle, remarked that “It’s easier to schedule a Vanity Fair cover shoot than get a dozen of Napa Valley’s biggest stars in the same room.” NapaMan described the tasting as a privilege “of tasting 50 of Napa Valley’s most treasured wines, the rarest of rare juice. Stuff that you customarily can’t get your hands on…”The winemakers present included, in alphabetical order, Heidi Barrett, Russell Bevan, Andy Erickson, Sarah Gott, Mark Herold, Mike Hirby, Craig MacLean, Philippe Melka, Robbie Meyer, Dave Phinney and Pam Starr.Joel and I were on hand to help Craig with the pouring of our ‘High Roller’ Cabernet. It was exciting to introduce our flagship wine to this crowd. The Napa Valley Register named ‘High Roller’ as a standout wine from the entire event.Our thanks to Acme’s Karen Williams and David Stevens for hosting the event.

  • JAQK Uncorked

    Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

    It’s official! On October 9, 2008, JAQK Cellars was launched at Le Club in San Francisco with great fanfare and success. The debut of our eight wines couldn’t have gone any better. Glasses were filled and emptied quickly and continuously as Craig extolled the virtues of each varietal.

    There was a good deal of “playing” going on, whether on the card table, in the billiard room, or at the hands of the fiendishly befuddling card trickster extraordinaire, Chester Santos.

    The turn-out was as impressive as it was flattering, and even included a few wine industry luminaries. Alas, we couldn’t invite everyone, but we would like to share the evening with all our friends.




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