Happy Mother's Day! Very Special Rose for Very Special Moms!

As most of you are aware my full time job is at one of America’s greatest wine stores K&L Wine Merchants in California. Over my 38 years here I have bought wines from all over the world and seen all the popular and trendy wines come and go and have almost never had the ownership reject any of my buying recommendations.

About 20 years ago when I told them we need to carry some more Rose they rejected me right away! At that time we carried two of them; both relatively famous, Domaine Ott from Provence France and Heitz Cellars Grignolino Rose from Napa. They basically told me that Rose’s don’t sell.

At that time I had visited Bordeaux and France almost every year, about 10 times total and everywhere I traveled people were drinking rose with lunch and outside in warm weather before dinner. I literally had to beg and plea to the ownership to even listen to me!

I forcefully reminded them that almost all the greatest trends of fashion and wine come directly from Europe and it all moves from the east to the west. Napa Valley would not exist without the passion of European immigrants love for wine. The practice of buying wine futures for a collection or for the birth year of a child are all European traditions and here in America we always, eventually, completely embrace the greatest European traditions. Americans were traveling more frequently to Europe, coming back and asking for Rose, I was sure that it was the way of the future.

Soon we had a few more Rose, and then a few dozen more, and today in 2016 we now carry 45 Roses from every wine producing area of the world as well as 31 Rose Champagnes, and yes, they all sell out quickly! Rose is now firmly established in the American wine scene and I’m sure it will evolve the exact same way in Asia and there will be no going back.

In my refrigerator at home you will always find a chilled bottle of Champagne and Rose, and I sever Rose at all afternoon events and in warm weather. Many times this really surprises my guests, some seem afraid to try them, but I tell them if the wine expert loves it there is a great chance you will too. After a small taste they are all in for a full glass!

The beautiful pink to light red color and young effusive fruit is a step up in intensity from white wine and carry’s more red fruit flavor without being astringent. The other most important ingredient is Roses incredible versatility with a wide range of foods; it goes with everything! At my home we have it with, soups, pot stickers, pork buns, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, duck and spicy dishes all the time and we love it.

I invite you to treat Mom and expose her to the virtues of Rose, as you can see these wines sell out immediately at the wineries but we have them in stock for you at PrimeCellar.

For decadent deserts and pastries try the 2010 Ch. L’Avocat Sweet wine. This is an incredibly affordable sticky from the tiny appellation of Cerons, in the Graves region of Bordeaux. Chateau L'Avocat is owned and run by Sean and Nicola Allison, who purchased the property in 2002. They've carried on the 150-year-old tradition at the property of making this late-harvest Semillon. The 2010 vintage was spectacular for white wine--demonstrated in this complex, layered and luscious sweet wine.

Cheers to all Moms and a festive Rose Mothers Day!

Ralph Sands

PrimeCellar Consultant

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